hey there, sorry if this has been asked before but i'm new to your comics and unfortunatly im very bad at navigation so im confused with which comic im supposed to start with first? i read the first few pages of "puke city" but i just want to make sure i started at the right one.

you can really kinda start anywhere you want! theres lots of recurring characters/entities/themes/whatever throughout my comics, but each is usually its own mostly self-contained thing. there might be a few things that could be confusing w/o having read the other comics, like characters knowing each other already or w/e, but i think its pretty self-explanatory, and i purposely avoid providing seemingly basic information like that all the time anyway!

id say just start w/ crow cillers bc its the best thing ive done IMHO. get caught up before the season finale!

video games

lammy book part 3

More of the lammy book

This showed up!!! I love it!!! More pix later

the now-inactive but still-visible-via-waybackmachine official milkcan website

katy kat is great in the parappa anime. 

(thanks for the youtube upload, ‘assassin hedgehog’)