Goodnight folks

Goodnight folks

Blossom is under arrest


still updating the crow cillers ‘main titles’ periodically. this time i just redrew the whole thing.

im working on remaining pages of episode 5 on squeedges computer when i can, hopefully ill end up being able to retrieve the other half from my dead computer and put it all together by the end of the month?

anyway, yes, i have thought a lot about what the crow cillers theme song would be and the current leader is this song, preferably slowed down bear vid style.


C R O W    C I L L E R S

Episode 0: Defiance of the Crow/ Episode 1: Best Fiends Forever

Episode 2: Marcus & Eye

Episode 3: Campground of Carnage

Episode 4: Sleepover Troubled Water

Emergency Filler Special: Filler Instinct(available now to patreon donors)

Episode 5: Iche-Dependence Day (coming whenever i can finish it)

Check Em out if u haven’t yet! What have u to lose…

ok im going to bed

ok im going to bed

mutant children can NOt sell hot dogs

sundays my birthday, heres my amazon wishlist if yr so inclined, ok bye

ive got so many ppg pixx do i just make a separate ppg tumblr already or what